What? ¬†Efficiency is the best strategy? ¬†That’s hardly news; it’s been U.S. national policy since the P2 Act of 1990.
From the World Business Council for Sustainable Development: “Governments around the world could make rapid, substantial and relatively cheap cuts to carbon emissions by pursuing energy efficiency in place of more ambitious, but expensive, technological solutions, says a new study.” http://j.mp/5n7BT9
From the NY Times “A new report on energy efficiency from the consulting firm McKinsey found that the United States could save $1.2 trillion through 2020, by investing $520 billion in improvements like sealing leaky building ducts and replacing inefficient household appliances with new, energy-saving models.” http://j.mp/bwVgv
The report from McKinsey & Co is available here: http://j.mp/6vhvJ

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