The Pollution Prevention Region 7 Roundtable met on November 14th & 15th in the Westside neighborhood of Kansas City, MO,

The meeting began with a presentation by Tanya Mottley, director of EPA’s Pollution Prevention Division. After EPA’s presentation, the two regional participants who attended the State-EPA dialogue reported on the meeting which took place this fall.

The following P2 programs in the region briefly reported on their activities:

  • Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality
  • University of Nebraska Lincoln: Partners in Pollution Prevention
  • University of Nebraska at Omaha: Pollution Prevention Regional Information Center
  • Kansas State University: Pollution Prevention Institute
  • Kansas Department of Health & Environment
  • University of Missouri: Missouri Environmental Assistance Center
  • University of Northern Iowa: Iowa Waste Reduction Center
  • Iowa Department of Natural Resources: Pollution Prevention Services
  • Iowa Office of Energy Independence

The balance of the meeting offered presentations to enhance TAP staff awareness and understanding, and to provide context for roundtable discussions.

A review of past strategic planning led to a process for moving forward for the regional roundtable.
Importantly, the agenda and the available presentations are available here: