P2RIC is now looking ahead for new sustainability events. Have a look and see what is happening around the region.

WBNR: Tuesday, October 1st (2:00pm-3:00pm): Speaking the CFO Language: Building the Case for Energy Efficiency with Financial Decision-makers
Getting approval for energy efficiency measures can sometimes be the most challenging aspect of the project.  Join Better Buildings Challenge Partners USAA Real Estate Company; University of California, Irvine; and Kohl’s as they share their best practices for communicating the value of building energy efficiency projects and working with financial decision-makers to make those projects happen.
Presenters: Wendell Brase, Tari Emerson, and Brenna Walraven
To register for this webinar, please go to: https://www4.gotomeeting.com/register/712622719

WBNR: Tuesday, October 1st (12:00pm-1:00pm): Introduction to Green Building Systems, Codes, and Standards
This webinar will provide an “overview” of green building systems, codes and related standards and the interaction and distinctions between the three. It will introduce the main concepts, the rationale behind green building and how these three main areas are moving toward better building construction. This will lead into a discussion on systems, specifically LEED, with discussions woven in on next-generation design through programs such as the Living Building Challenge.
Speaker: Michael Schmeida
To register for this webinar, please go to: http://ow.ly/psC03

WBNR: Thursday, October 3rd (1:00pm-2:00pm): Waste Management Policy: Working with not against market forces
This webinar will provide lessons learned from Cook County in designing solid waste policy that takes advantage of changing market forces. A case study on building material reuse and the County’s Demolition Debris Diversion Ordinance will illustrate why this policy approach was chosen, how it leverages existing strengths, and how policy is both riding and shaping waves of change in the marketplace.
Key speakers: Deborah Stone and Elise Zelechowski
To register for this webinar, please go to: https://igeawastemanagementpolicy.eventbrite.com/?ref=ebtn

EVNT: Thursday, October 3rd (6:00pm-7:00pm): Is Capitalism the Key to Global Sustainability? Lecture
This lecture will be offered by Ms. Hunter Lovins, the president and founder of the Natural Capitalism Solutions and a leader in sustainable management. She consults with decision makers in business and government on such topics as globalization, energy policy, economic development and land management. Technology, Globalization & Culture Series and World Affairs Series.
To learn more about this free lecture please visit: http://www.event.iastate.edu/event/27993/?featured=1&s=d&sd=03&sm=10&sy=2012

DUE: Tuesday, October 8th: Healthy Schools: Environmental Factors, Children’s Health and Performance, and Sustainable Building Practices
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as part of its Science to Achieve Results (STAR) program, is seeking applications proposing research that will inform school (K-12 educational facilities) building design, construction and operation practices in order to foster safe and healthy school environments and maximize student achievement and teacher and staff effectiveness. Specifically, the goal is to understand the relationship between environmental factors defined broadly and the health, safety and performance of students, teachers and staff. Estimated Number of Awards: Approximately 6 awards; Potential Funding per Award: Up to a total of $1M;
*Applications are due October 8th, 2013.
To register and find more about this grant opportunity, please visit:

WBNR: Tuesday, October 8th  (11:30am-1:00pm):Climate Friendly Government Purchasing
EPA’s Materials Management through Sustainable Consumption Webinar Series is designed to provide examples of communities around the US and internationally who are reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and creating more sustainable patterns of consumption in their communities. This webinar series focuses on helping regulators and environmental management experts share information about existing research, programs and practices. This particular webinar will focus on climate-friendly government purchasing.
To register for this webinar, please go to: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/469476793

EVNT: Wednesday, October 9th: Walk to School Day
Organized by the Partnership for a Walkable America, Walk to School Day in the USA began in 1997 as a one-day event aimed at building awareness for the need for walkable communities. The success of Walk to School Day, as well as continued interest in bicycling to school, created a desire for a national event focused on bicycling to school. Although Walk to School Day is focused more on walking and Bike to School Day is focused more on bicycling, both days welcome and encourage all forms of active transportation to school.
To learn more go to: http://www.walkbiketoschool.org/

WBNR: Wednesday, October 9th (12:00pm-1:00pm): Climate Ready Water Utilities: Scenario Planning to Support Decision Making
Many utilities are thinking critically about how to best manage water resources and utility assets when future conditions are uncertain. This session will introduce scenario planning, a method that allows a flexible approach to strategic long-term planning and highlight examples from utility representatives that have used scenario planning.
To register for this webinar, please go to: https://epa.connectsolutions.com/e4jeud3sxlf/event/registration.html

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