Here’s a look at upcoming sustainability webinars, conferences, and events for technical assistance professionals. This bulletin is posted every two weeks.

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WBNR: Tuesday, Jan. 27th 2015 (11:30-1pm):
Measuring Public Attitudes About Consumption
The Center for a New American Dream conducted a national survey last year on attitudes about wealth, sharing, materialism, and more. What they found suggests some important shifts in America’s consumption patterns and a strong foundation for a more sustainable approach. This webinar will explore these survey results and how they compare to similar polling on issues of well-being, climate change, and consumption.

WBNR: Tuesday, Jan. 27th 2015 (12:30-1:30pm):
Developing Local and Regional Food Systems in Nebraska
Nebraska has had little activity in building local and regional food systems. The state is large and rural towns are often times located at a good distance between them. This webinar will look at what we learned about the opportunities and challenges of production of local and regional foods in Nebraska, how this project resulted in our ability to bring these issues to state legislators, and the impact this project has had on Nebraska to date. The webinar will be recorded and archived at

WBNR: Wednesday, Jan. 28th 2015 (12:00-1:30pm):
Best Practices in Developing a Tribal Strategic Energy Plan
Attendees will learn from experts who have overcome typical barriers and used community participation to gain buy-in. Speakers include Michael Cardwell and Jesse Cardenas, who were instrumental in developing the Quinault Indian Nation’s biomass strategy and demonstrating how it fits into the tribe’s strategic plan.

WBNR: Wednesday, Jan. 28th 2015 (1:00-2:00pm):
Introduction to the State Electronics Challenge
The State Electronics Challenge is a national program, open free of charge any state, tribal, regional, or local government agency, as well as any K-12 school, college, university or non-profit organization. The SEC promotes environmental stewardship of computers, monitors, and imaging equipment.

WBNR: Thursday, Jan. 29th 2015 (11:00-12:15pm):
Green Infrastructure and Flood Resiliency – Land Use Management as an Adaptation Strategy in the Built Environment
This webinar addresses assessment, planning, and adaptation to not only better prepare for the next emergency, but to sustainably manage flooding, and stormwater to maintain human health and a vibrant local economy. Participants will leave this webinar with knowledge about the latest innovative approaches to understand the effects of inland flooding and apply low-impact development (LID), site design, and smart growth practices at different scales of implementation.

WBNR: Thursday, Jan. 29th 2015 (12:00-2:00pm):
Milestone 1: Preparing for a Food Waste Assessment and Establishing a Baseline
EPA’s Sustainable Materials Management Web Academy is hosting a free four-part webinar series to guide users through the waste assessment and reduction process presented in the Reducing Wasted Food & Packaging Toolkit.

WBNR: Thursday, Jan. 29th 2015 (12:30-2:00pm):
Managing Hazardous Waste in 2015 – Improving your Environmental Management
Businesses may use a variety of hazardous products in their day-to-day operations, ranging from cleaning chemicals and pesticides to fluorescent light bulbs and paint. When these items are discarded, they need to be managed as hazardous waste because of toxic, ignitable, or even corrosive characteristics. When these waste streams are not properly addressed, they often get thrown in the trash or poured down the drain. This webinar will provide a quick overview of common hazardous wastes, how to comply with the regulations, and prevention measures designed to reduce hazardous waste generation.

WBNR: Tuesday, Feb. 3rd 2015 (2:00-3:00pm):
How New Energy Savings Performance Contracts are Improving Energy Efficiency in U.S. Buildings
Join Better Buildings Challenge Partners and Allies to learn how they are employing energy savings performance contracts (ESPCs) to improve long-term energy performance in their buildings with little or no upfront cost. A representative from the Energy Department will also introduce our ESPC Accelerator, a high-impact program designed to support expansion of ESPCs by state and local governments.

WBNR: Wednesday, Feb 4th 2015 (1:00-2:00pm):
Corporate Sustainability and TRI: Exploring P2 Information for Facilities and Parent Companies
Do you want to know which companies are taking steps to reduce their environmental footprint in the U.S.? Join this webinar to learn how the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Pollution Prevention (P2) Tool can help you identify P2 successes and visually compare environmental performance at both the facility and corporate level.

WBNR: Thursday, Feb 5th 2015 (1:00-2:00pm):
Beyond Recycling: Implementing Reduce and Reuse
While recycling is an important part of the journey to Zero Waste at any business, businesses that have reduced wasteful processes and implemented reuse systems before focusing on recycling have realized the most savings. This webinar will demonstrate how to save money, reduce your environmental footprint, and make the best use of available tools and resources on those all important R’s: Reduce and Reuse. Please note there is a fee for attending this webinar.


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