The pace of business continues to increase – we produce more than ever and everyone does more with less.  New technology helps accelerate productivity – but sometimes, you need a person to take a look at things, ask questions about processes that have grown in fits and starts, gather some data, and look at alternatives.

Since this is Pollution Prevention (P2) Week, take a minute to think about source reduction, to examine the processes creating waste and emissions at your facility. Make a short list of processes or issues that could use a “rethink” to become more efficient and reduce waste.

You may not have time to do this by yourself, and you may not have staff available to help. Consider getting a P2 Intern.  A P2 Intern is trained to “rethink” the process and identify opportunities for source reduction.  Interns have seasoned engineers to help them.  Using a summer P2 intern has the added benefit of allowing you to convert talented students to valued full time future employees.

P2 Interns can accomplish projects while in the facility, they can document processes and provide a “road map” for future implementation, they can become valuable employees, and they go on to have a professional life with an eye for source reduction – a winning combination all the way around!

Read this recent GreenBiz article on P2 interns, and check out some recent projects they have accomplished,