October 14, 2016
Here’s a look at upcoming sustainability webinars, conferences, and events for technical assistance professionals. This bulletin is posted every two weeks. Please note times are in Central Standard Time (CST).
For the most current information check out the P2RIC Calendar at P2RIC.org or look us up onFacebook and Twitter for the latest news and updates on sustainability issues!

WKSHP: Wednesday, October 19, 2016 (8:30 – 4:00 pm):
This workshop will help you address your system’s drought vulnerability, establish an effective water loss control program, and reduce water usage to conserve resources and reduce operating costs.
You Will Learn:
– How to plan for drought and understand water supply management;
– How to manage water loss to save water, extend supplies, cut energy use and operating costs, address failing infrastructure, and mitigate impacts of limited water resources; and

– How water systems can promote conservation while protecting revenues.

WBNR: Thursday, October 20, 2016 (1:00-2:00 pm)

EPA’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality invites you to join us for a webinar describing EPA’s recent case studies examining the potential for travel efficiency strategies (such as transit, road and parking pricing, land use changes, bike and pedestrian infrastructure) to reduce emissions of criteria pollutants and greenhouse gases.

CONF: October 25 and 26, 2016:

PPRC Regional Roundtable: On the Path to Cleaner Energy & Fewer Toxics

The Pacific NW Pollution Prevention Resource Center is a nonprofit organization that provides practical, on-the-ground technical assistance and information resources to businesses, communities, agencies, and nonprofits to help them save money and reduce their use of resources, like energy and water.
For 25 years, we have been hosting the annual Regional Roundtable conferences where businesses and technical assistance providers learn the latest techniques for reducing their source pollution. It’s also a great networking in event in a beautiful location! This year the Regional Roundtable will be held Oct. 25-26, at the Suquamish Clearwater Hotel and Casino, on the Kitsap Peninsula, http://www.clearwatercasino.com/
CONF: November 14 and 15, 2015:
Several speakers will talk about water conservation in Kansas and the focus of the future of water in Kansas.
CONF: November 16 and 17, 2016:
The annual Region 7 Pollution Prevention Roundtable Meeting takes place in Kansas City, MO on November 16-17, 2016. Anyone is welcome to attend this free event, but must pre-register beforehand.
Some topics for discussion include:
*P2 State Program Updates
*Implementation of Intern Recommendations
*Successful Innovation Adoption
*State-EPA Dialogue Updates
*P2 Practices
For more pollution prevention information check out these two great resources!
P2 Success Stories and Case Study database: Add your story or see what others have done. Search for information by industry, process, waste reduced, company, state, or year.
P2 InfoHouse: This is a searchable online collection of more than 50,000 pollution prevention related publications, fact sheets, case studies and technical reports. It’s the largest single electronic resource for P2 information in the country. 
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University of Nebraska at Omaha
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P2RIC Region 7

Healthy Communities, Healthy Children – EPA Region 7 Observes Children’s Health Month in October


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Grants & Awards

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Due Oct. 20, 2016


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Due Oct. 20, 2016


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Due Nov. 15, 2016


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