August 14 2009

14 August 2009 Conference Call

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Conf. Code # 9135517554

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Invited, but unable to participate


Marcy Bauer                Public Health Solutions NE
David Carter                KSU
Bruce Dvorak              UNL
Cathy Colglazier          KDHE
Jeff Fiagle                    IDNR
Carrie Hakenkamp      WasteCap NE
Stacey Hawkey                        UNL
Nancy Larson              KSU/PPI
Zachary M Lutz-Priefert UNO
Valdeen Nelsen           UNL
Hugh Stirts                  NDEQ
Marie Steinwachs        UMC-Extension
Jim Story                      Missouri Enterprise
Luke Terry                   Kickapoo Tribe
Ida Walker                   Omaha Tribe
Rick Yoder                  P2RIC/UNL
Gary Bertram               Region 7 EPA
Kathleen Fenton         Region 7 EPA
Gayle Hubert               Region 7 EPA
Altheá Moses               Region 7 EPA
Marcus Rivas               Region 7 EPA


go around the line (by geographic location – but EPA last) – IA, KS, NE and MO
(AGAIN) please give name, organization, what hope to get from the call today, and if someone asked you for one of your top 10 (not the necessarily the best) reference document or resource element for P2 – what would it be?  Try to focus on something others will not name.

Request agenda modifications and confirm

P2 headlines (Round the Region, 1-2 minutes from each program)

Funding opportunities – Marcus and others(?)
pending competition evaluation panels have scored and need to make recommendations for application submission
P2 – approval from selection official – IDNR, KDHE/PPI/KSU, UMC, UNL
Application requests should come out later today or very early next week.  Applications will be due by the end of the month for award by 30 September.
SRA – approval from selection official – IDNR, KSU, Drury and PBPN
Application requests should come out later today or very early next week.  Applications will be due by the end of the month for award by 30 September.
CARE – refer to Kathleen Fenton

Energy Training Partnership $100 million to provide training and placement services in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.  National, nonprofit labor management organizations and Statewide or local nonprofit entities are eligible to apply,  Applications are due 04 September.
Pathways Out of Poverty– $150 million to provide training and placement services to provide pathways out of poverty and into employment in energy efficiency, renewable energy and other green industries.  Eligible applicants are: 1) National nonprofit entities with local networks; and 2) local entities.  Due 29 September.

[forecast when competition occurs, for P2 likely March 2010]

closed &  applications requested
PPIN – nine responses, eight selected to submit applications
Congratulations to Rick Yoder & the P2RIC for their successful proposal.  Three key elements – manage core elements of P2Rx; improve P2 Informatics; and collaborate on green lodging, green business education and green campuses.

Innovation – regret that none of the Region 7 project were successful.  Frankly, they scored poorly.  Preliminary word from the acting AA Barry Breen is next year should have greater emphasis on EJ and transferability.

Quick guidance notes on applications – while its fresh — strong notes from recent panels
Make sure you are dealing with pollution prevention.  Don’t get into compliance assistance or waste diversion.

P2 resources – The recent Joint Roundtable, summary by Marcus & Rick
GHG calculator team (my July 2 email)
Please share input with
City of Omaha’s Chuck Black
IDNR’s Chuck Geguzis 
KSU’s David Carter       
or me, EPA’s Marcus Rivas
Thanks to Chuck for his work on developing a model to evaluate the calculator.

EPA pharmaceuticals effort – at the risk of getting into too much compliance matter and waste diversion, recent report from ARCHS
“Our main recommendation to pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies would be to reduce a standard prescription from 30 to 20 or 21 doses.  This alone would remove millions of extra unused medications from the homes and eventually the environment.”  (Rivas’ email of 05 August)
Rivas on rule-making team

Metrics/counting success
Understanding counting in national systems, especially relative to assessments. [Maybe Jean could lead this discussion?

Forecasts – future dates of note — Marcus and others
Jul 20              P2 Roundtable initial planning call
Jul 22               Mercury coordination call
Jul 29-30          IDNR P2 interns reporting
Aug 11             UNL P2 interns reporting
Aug 14             Monthly P2 roundtable call
Aug 14/28       UMC P2 interns reporting
Aug 18-20       KDHE environmental conference
Aug 26             Mercury coordination call
Sep 15             Iowa environmental conference
Sep 18             KSU P2 interns reporting
Sep 23             Mercury coordination call
Mar 22-24 10   Resource Conservation Challenge and NPEP national awards & meetings

Challenges – topics for future calls Marcus and others
Focal point – improving the ‘shelf space’ for P2

month suggested topic
August understanding counting in the national systems, especially ‘assessment’ updates
September if we didn’t have intern programs, what new technologies/innovations might advance P2?
October solicitation response/application pitfalls panel
November what recognition programs should we pursue – corporate, intern, etc.?
December stronger environmental health connections