June 15 2009



P2 headlines (I take it this is the round the region 1-2 minutes from
each program) –

Funding opportunities – Marcus and others(?)

P2 resources – The recent Joint Roundtable, summary by Marcus & Rick

Metrics/counting success – The two new calculators and improvements –
Marcus with input from others(?)

Challenges – topics for future calls Marcus and others(?)

Dates to remember – round the region


My goal is to keep the calls as short as possible, to be respectful of your busy times & schedules.  I’d like to develop a longer term plan in
this first call for future calls.  I know ya’ll will have some excellent
suggestions!  Just to get the brain-brew started, here are some potential future agenda topics/focal points:

developing stronger funding applications
new P2 tools
recognition programs (don’t have to be EPA-based)
streamlining financial assistance agreement  (grant) management
success stories
environmental health connections
web-based tools/networks
developing stronger recognition – at least along the lines of
internship successes (the idea marcus covered with each of the intern
program managers when he visited)