February 12 2010

In Word here: Call notes February 12 or see below

Call notes February 12, 2010

Marcus Rivas: EPA Region 7

Stacy Hawkey: University of Nebraska Lincoln, Biological Systems Engineering

David Carter: Pollution Prevention Institute

Jeff Fiagle: Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Rick Yoder: Pollution Prevention Regional Information Center

Jean Waters: NBDC

Cathy Colglazier: Bureau of Environmental Field Services

Starting with Rick: Discussing Survey Monkey with both Marcus info, as well as Jeff’s notes for planning Region Seven meeting

Update on P2RIC

  • ASTM Standards related to Green lodging
    • Venues, planners, transportation are all impacted
    • Don’t have the same standards as EPA
    • But can serve as guidelines to reference for epa
  • Lots of use on the costs
  • Not much interest with local businesses
  • Lots of potential reaching out to regional business centers
    • May want to establish themselves as a Green area
  • Regionally: Very little so far
  • Marcus addition to hospitality
    • From the federal perspective if one of the hotel managers or groups are asking why do we need this?
      • The answer is there is an executive order
      • Federal laws may be put into place requiring places the federal government stays to be green
      • A very strong push exists to make travel-conferences, the travel itself, or virtual meetings- Greener
  • In terms of implementation this will be noticed first and foremost by the larger venues (Qwest, events centers) who are competing with each other
  • On our end trying to figure out how to work the webinars to our advantage
    • Casino example: Cold calling casinos and calling the Mayor to convene the groups around that webinar
    • Then a post-webinar adobe connect meeting
      • Post lecture, networking opprotunity

Marcus GE speaker is getting things ready

Interesting finding about parking lighting instead of just things such as casino lighting

Rick: Same in relation to farm lights here, if parking garages are viable why aren’t farm lights


  • Reminder that the next fiscal year make sure you are doing Greenhouse gas equivalents
    • Trying to make it clear that our numbers are solid numbers and science is backing them up
    • Also collecting Metric(Not standard) Tons on the air elements: VOC’s CO2 equivalents, and Carbon Monoxide
    • Marcus will send his conversion factor protocol
    • Reminder in terms of future solicitations
      • The source reduction solicitation is closed
      • P2 Solicitation is expected by the end of February or beginning of March
      • PPIN solicitation should be hitting for sometime in March
      • Everyone needs to make a statement regarding ACORN (in the RFP package.)
        • This will be in every competitive solicitation
        • New Regional Administrator
          • Sense of connectivity
          • Very concerned about the responsibility for stewardship
          • Followed quickly with the state interest and concern about the fact that we are here to help the states
          • Wants enforcement but not overfilling (exercising our ability to intercede even though we gave the ability to someone else to do it)
          • If the Round Table wants his interest we need to get a letter going
          • Questions/Comments
            • Rick: I like the fact that positioning our region is keeping above water and that  the question of chemical use came up.
  • Didn’t get into specific programs
  • Get refresher of director’s points
  • Nancy asked for advice on a webinar service
  • Rick is going to get out a solicitation for a request on publications for the National P2 Library

Seven Goals Marcus asked be included


Taking Action on Climate Change:

Improving Air Quality:

Assuring the Safety of Chemicals:

Cleaning Up Our Communities:

Protecting America’s Waters:

Expanding the Conversation on Environmentalism and Working for Environmental Justice:

Building Strong State and Tribal Partnerships: