July 9 2010

July 9, 2010                                                                                         NEXT CALL, Friday, 13 August 2010 10a CDT


Cathy Colglazier: KDHE
Nancy Larson: PPI

Stacey Hawkey: UNL

Zach Lutz-Priefert: UNO

Jennifer Reutzel: IDNR

Marie Steinwachs: University of Missouri
Marcus Rivas: EPA Region Seven

Doug Neidigh: Ozark Center for Sustainable Solutions

Jean Waters: NBDC/UNO

  1. Jean’s special project – respond to grant solicitation from EPA Region 7  Resource Conservation Challenge program
    1. Outputs
      1. i.      Produce a publication with emphasis on case studies (below)
      2. ii.      Also produce a four series webinar
    2. Working with P2 Intern programs
      1. i.      Jean has sent an email to the programs with interns
    3. Any program that wishes to supply a letter of support would be appreciated and would be in the publication the program would produce
    4. Webinars on the key areas of
      1. i.      Energy savings – compressed air (Iowa has good examples)
      2. ii.      Energy savings – lighting  (all have good examples)
      3. iii.      Solvent substitution (Dan & Doug have good examples)
      4. iv.      Packaging –  waste reduction & vender take-back (Stacey has some work, but not enough implemented success)
        1. Potential presenters –Frito Lay ,Staples,  Subaru or Walmart
    5. Case studies should probably reflect same key areas as webinars
  2. P2 20th Anniversary Celebration Process
    1. This is foremost a prospective document of where P2 is going. It can also provide some past history and present status.  But the key is to help the audience understand where P2 is going in the future and how they need to be a part of it.
    2. Each entity comes up with one or two case studies that speak to the efforts that they are trying to do
    3. Have additional freedom of resources from those individuals that have a bit more freedom in terms of layout and editing work.
    4. Personal Program stories
      1. i.      Not important to commit to something now, but to start working on it
    5. Form a committee to establish the content, layout & distribution
      1. i.      Marcus (convener),  Marie (chair), David
    6. Move ahead with collecting case study content
      1. i.      Use RCC webinar to guide
  3. Future topics
    1. E3 Discussion that EPA call had July 8th
      1. i.      Sometime in the Fall, if okay (consensus was yes)
      2. ii.      Jean and Marie (who also hear July 8 presentation) were very interested in how the funding mechanisms worked and the $3k ante
      3. iii.      Marcus suggest probably a Region 4 lead and walk us through, especially due to funding  interests
      4. iv.      Multiple benefits of looking into it more
    2. In August 13th call – more on 20th Anniversary  & plan Fall Roundtable meeting
      1. i.      EPA hosts
      2. ii.      Iowa will be the next host
  4. Report outs
    1. Missouri: No specific report out date set yet for interns.  May try to do something on each campus – Columbia, Rolla & Kansas City for the interns just at their own campus
    2. Kansas
      1. i.      Nancy: Had intern retreat all interns gave presentations
        1. September 17th intern presentations
        2. Save the Date Thursday October 7th Overland Park convention center for Hospitals for a Healthy Environment Conference.  Joint conference with IDNR and even have  Colorado facility coming.  Three national speakers
      2. ii.      Cathy: EPA P2 Dialogue; Suggested  Jean, Nancy, Marie, Jeff, and Rick as  possible  Dialogue participants.  Fall meeting is less specific than the Spring one. A program will likely be able to attend only one meeting, so if your program has a particular issue to cover you might look/plan for that topic.
        1. Travel is paid for by EPA HQ
    3. Nebraska
      1. i.      Stacey: Everyone is invited to the end of summer reports August 10th between 1 and 1:30-reports should begin by 1:30
    4. Iowa
      1. i.      Jennifer
        1. Workshop last week on EMS type topics that went well. Had good turnout and response
        2. Report outs to be schedule week of August 2, the specific dates are not yet resolved due to hotel scheduling conflicts