May 14 2010

Next Call: May 14

Dial-In Number 866 299 3188 Conference Code 913 551 7554 #

Participating on 14 May 2010

Marie Steinwachs: University of Missouri

Nancy Larson: PPI

Stacy Hawkey: University of Nebraska Lincoln, Biological Systems Engineering

Marcus Rivas: EPA Region 7

Jeff Fiagle: Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Zach Lutz-Priefert: UNO


Day one, June 14

  • 8:45 Dr. Brooks
  • 9:15 State report outs
    • 4 focus points from last fall
    • National P2 Roundtable Update – Cathy Colglazier
    • Update by what happened at Environmental Partnership Summit – those attendees to work it out
    • Helpful to have a moderator
      • From EPA
      • Benefit from hearing what we’re doing
      • An invitation will be sent to Ron Hammerschmidt (EPA’s Environmental Services Director)  by Cathy Colglazier & Nancy Larson
    • Make sure we have a focus on environmental outcomes
    • Email will be sent on expectations of State report outs
      • Marie, Marcus, Jeff will review the focus points
  • 2:15 Air and P2 Integration
  • Nancy doing prep with EPA’s Mike Jay & Amy Bhesania
  • Marcus will send Nancy a graphic on P2 & air management [from CARB]
  • 3:00 Demonstration of Greenhouse Gas and Energy Star calculators
    • Jeff & David Carter will provide a list of calculator that will be demonstrated, including the Carnegie-Mellon EIOLCA calculator
    • Stacey will submit some viability questions on the GHG calculator ahead of time

Day two, June 15

  • 8:00 P2 & water (2 ½ Hours). The following speakers are being contacted:
    • EPA’s Steve Kovak present on 319 program
    • MDNR’s Brian Hopkins present regarding hypoxeia & soil/water conservation
    • Marie to invite EPA’s Art Spratlin (Water, Wetland & Pesticides Director) on integrating P2 and water
  • 10:30 am P2 & Materials management (RCRA)
    • Ryan confirmed EPA’s Jennifer Dawani as speaker on the Resource Conservation Challenge
  • 11:15 P2 & TSCA  presentation
    • A n invitation letter to Jason Smith EPA Region 6 will be  finished today
  • Lunch 12
  • 1-3 Strategic planning session
    • Marcus will set-up a coordination pre-meeting  between the team (Jean, Marie, Marcus & Jeff) & EPA’s Karen Flournoy to help her prepare to facilitate and a pre-meeting will be set up with
    • Zach posted the strategic planning background document on the web
    • *Reminder*
      • Q hotel: Send out a reminder email to make room reservations
      • Post agenda and registration information on P2RIC website
      • An email will be sent to bring a snack that starts with the same letter as the first letter of your last name, if not a problem with the hotel