October 8 2010

October 8, 2010


Stacy Hawkey: UNL

Jeff Fiagle: Iowa Department of Natural Resources – Pollution Prevention Services

David Carter: Pollution Prevention Institute

Marie Steinwachs: University of Missouri – Environmental Assistance Center

Jean Waters: NBDC

Nancy Larson: Pollution Prevention Institute

I.                    Looking at the draft agenda

a.       One day of Strategic planning

i.      Purpose of the strategic planning is to assist Marcus.  The Region 7 programs have established method to collect environmental improvement numbers.  Currently the Region 7 Grant people want grant applications to be different each year.  But in order to get the numbers the programs have to offer a specific range of services that don’t change.  EPA P2 Headquarters staff may also not realize this.  Marcus needs to know what works, what doesn’t and to determine priorities with us so that he can support our positions with EPA staff

b.      Two day only roundtable.  A number of evaluations preferred a 2 day vs. 3 day roundtable.  This agenda reflects that.

i.      To accommodate a 2 day schedule there will be no report-out.

ii.      But roundtable members will be asked to submit a written report out that will be complied into one document that can be passed out at the roundtable

1.       Different ways to handle it in the future.

2.       One roundtable meeting per year

3.       One or two programs reporting in the bi-monthly calls

4.       Report-outs through a webinar to encourage interaction.  Most of the callers expressed interest in this option.

iii.      Report out discussion

1.       Stacey: different method is needed.   They’ve been too rushed.  Not enough time for discussion.  A call would be effective for personal needs.  At the roundtables we get a wider audience that would be good for more views especially more authoritative EPA members

2.       Webinar would be much more interactive than a phone call

c.       Second day

i.      Look at Intern Program Data Analysis:

1.       Jeff: What do people want to see in this segment? One bullet over another? More open discussion and sharing among the interns?

2.       David: I could come up with information for the top three, but whether it meets the expectations of what is needed on the other calls I’m unsure

3.       Jeff: What we are looking at is what people have requested from the planning calls

4.       Jean: Feels internship programs are been squeezed into lunch since it doesn’t apply to everyone.  The intern programs want more time to share amongst themselves.

5.       David: Welcomes the chance to talk with people outside the internship program. Questions or comments from outside of the internship programs would be beneficial to those programs with internships.

6.       Jeff: Every program with internships then needs to prepare a formal or informal report using the bullets for their program.

II.                  Air Quality: List of top emitters of Green House Gas

a.       Marcus is working with EPA Air Quality for greenhouse gas emitters for each state as well as updates on ozone non-attainment.

b.      Jean: Omaha Metro Area Planning Authority group is putting on a public program to help people understand and reduce. Trying to take the approach to make people understand. Jean feels it would be better to target bigger businesses rather than the individual

III.                EPA Environmental Finance Center

a.       Jeff:  We’ve talked about having the EFC at the last 2 or 3 roundtables.  Marcus has been in touch with the Wichita EFC so we can find out what they do, etc.

b.      Stacey: Was at a meeting last week with Ruben McCullers and Kerry Herndon regarding a wastewater project and two of the environmental finance center people were there.  It was vague why they were there, as a result nobody at the meeting understood what their role was

IV.                Energy, Economy and the Environment (E3)

a.       Jeff: This has been discussed as a topic the last couple of roundtables as well.  Marcus is talking to Kristin Pierre regarding presenting to us.

V.                  End of the agenda

a.       Time for P2 Publications or webinar discussion

VI.                Other Items of Note

a.       Jean’s proposal: To the Nebraska Environmental Trust using the Climate Masters training as the basis.  Through this proposal businesses would be trained regarding their emissions and other green concerns.

b.      Stacey’s program has been asked to publish a chapter for a textbook on sustainability.

i.      The intern programs provide students with a new ethic when they go out in the work force.