October 30, 2014 Exec. Board Meeting

Region 7 P2RT executive board meeting – Jeff Fiagle, Rick Yoder, and Nancy Larson   10/30/2014

Jeff, Rick and Nancy met for about 40 minutes to review action items and draft RT agenda. Jeff is still recovering from surgery and may not be able to join the meeting in person, but Nancy will set up a Zoom meeting so he can join virtually. Rick will lead meetings in Jeff’s absence.

The following was discussed –

  • When do we need to finalize agenda? Agenda can change up to the day before the meeting. Draft is posted at P2Ric.
  • Report outs – proposed questions good – Rick will send out today
  • Report out – evaluation questions approved. These will be included in survey monkey following the roundtable.
  • Funding document – needs to be sent out in advance, Rick will take care of this.
  • USDA/FDA – need follow up to Jennifer and Marcus – Nancy will send e-mail to Jennifer and Marcus (done).
  • Final schedule will remain flexible until we hear back from Jennifer and Marcus.
  • Need 30 minutes on bi-laws – Rick will lead and show new P2Ric Web site too.
  • Need opportunity to talk about spring meeting with R5 – request for agenda comments
  • Nancy will set up a Zoom meeting – send invite out to entire P2 corner Monday Nov. 17th
  • Jeff will confirm snacks and set up
  • Board will meet again Nov. 14 at 9 am. Nancy will send Zoom invite (done).