April 10, 2015


P2R7 Roundtable Meeting – April 10, 2015 Bi-monthly call agenda

This meeting was hosted with UNO’s GoToMeeting

Attendees –Jean Waters and Rick Yoder P2Ric UNO; Bruce Dvorak UNL; Steve Devlin UM; Glenda Adney and Jean Ponzi Missouri Botanical Gardens; Jennifer Dawani R7 EPA; Melissa Hammond KDHE; Jeff Fiagle and Jennifer Reutzel-Vaughan IDNR; Adrienne Ricehill IEO; Dan Nickey IWRC; Yvonne Cook, David Carter and Nancy Larson KSU PPI

Survey results – Survey results sent to all participants

Spring 2015 Joint Regional Roundtable report out – Rick and Jean reported out

Facilities excellent, brewery tour was good and new opportunity to collect data for a new benchmark tool. Presentations and networking were very good. People very engaged.

Featured presentation – Jean Waters and Jennifer Reutzel-Vaughan, food processing; Jean presentation food manufacturing data for each state and then used TRI data to exhibit releases, treatment and P2 practices. Industrial Assessment Center data was also presented. Jennifer also presented a few case studies from recent P2 intern projects. Slides can be found below.

Other business –

  • P2Rx and NPPR are preparing a press kit for the P2Results release – should be week of April 13th.
  • May 18th P2ric will host a webinar for P2 interns on how to find P2 information
    • We’re sponsoring a webinar on May 18 that is targeted to P2 Interns and helping them find P2 information.  It will be delivered to UNL P3 interns and will be recorded.  Anyone else want to participate live?
  • August 20th UNI hosting an onsite composting demo
  • P2 week in Sept – this is the 25th year of P2, EPA is working on a new logo
  • Fall Roundtable scheduled for November 18 and 19th.
  • Food waste generators, Dan Nickey can present this at the Fall Roundtable
  • TRI tools are also a potential topic

Confirm dates of future Bi-monthly P2 Calls – Jeff and all

Next meeting: June 12 – TRI (Rick is securing presenter) and planning for Fall Roundtable

Future meetings:

  • August 14, (Gulf hypoxia)
  • October 9, December 11
  • November 18 and 19th for Fall Roundtable – Survey says Roundtable Meeting located at Region 7 EPA office
  • Nancy has already sent out Outlook calendar appointments for all meetings

P2 in Food Processing
P2R7 Bi-monthly_food processing case studies