August 14, 2015

Bi-monthly P2 Call Agenda

The Region 7 P2 Roundtable call was held on August 14 at 10:00 am CT. Jeff Fiagle and Jennifer Reutzel Vaughan (IDNR), Jennifer Trent and Dan Nickey (IWRC), Steve Devlin (MU), Dennis Murphey (KC), Ryan Green (NDEQ), Jean Waters and Brianne McDonald (P2RIC), Bruce Dvorak (UNL P3), Larey Sadiq (K-State PPI), and presenter John Lawrence (ISU) were on the call.

10am     Introductions
10:05     Hypoxia and Region 7  Presenter: Dr. John Lawrence, Economics, Iowa State University

Dr. Lawrence provided an excellent presentation on the hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Hypoxia Task force, and the Iowa nutrient plan.

10:40    P2 Week 2015 Activities – Jean Waters

Jean Waters made a short presentation on P2 week (September 21-27) and provided some resources programs could use to help promote it. She also encouraged people to let P2RIC know about any events or webinars and they’d be posted on the calendar, as well as encouraging people to use the calendar to find events to forward to their business clients.

10:45     Fall Roundtable Discussion

Jeff reviewed the logistics and agenda for the R7P2 Roundtable meeting in Kansas City.
Dates: Nov. 18-19
Location: EPA R7 Offices, 11201 Renner Rd., Lenexa, KS
Hotel: Holiday Inn and Suites Overland Park West

We will need to be mindful of building security at the regional office. Everyone should be at the building a minimum of 15 minutes ahead of meeting start times due to security. A draft agenda was provided based on the topic survey from earlier this summer and is attached to the email containing the notes from the bimonthly call. Topics include: State Report-outs, TRI Training, Ground-level Ozone and Zero Waste.

Program Topic Volunteers

A minimum of two volunteers are needed to help develop/facilitate the program topics.

State Report-outs: David Carter was suggested for facilitator of the state report-outs.
TRI Training: Jean volunteered to help find a presenter.
Ground-level Ozone: Dennis Murphey will reach out to Amanda at MARC (Kansas City’s air authority: Mid America Regional Council). He’ll connect Amanda with Nancy Larson. (Nancy had mentioned her interest in this topic previously.)
Zero-Waste: Rick Yoder and Jennifer Reutzel Vaughan will work on the zero-waste topic.

The EPA/States P2 Dialog will be October 21 in Washington DC.

The next R7P2 Roundtable call will be October 9.

11:15     Adjourn

Audio Presentation

Documents for Conference Call

P2 Roundtable_August Bimonthly Call Agenda

P2 Roundtable_Draft Agenda

Pre-meeting Survey Results Fall P2R7