February 13, 2015

P2R7 Roundtable Meeting – Feb. 13, Bi-monthly call agenda and notes

This meeting was hosted with UNO’s GoToMeeting

Attendees – Cay Ewoldt and Ryan Green NDEQ, Jean Waters and Rick Yoder P2Ric, Bruce Dvorak UNI, Marcus Rivas EPA, David Carter and Nancy Larson KSU PPI, Jeff Fiagle IDNR, Adrienne Ricehill IEO

Fall Roundtable Evaluation Summary Results – Jeff

  • Attached is the Evaluation Summary of the Fall 2014 P2 Roundtable Meeting.
    • Jeff reviewed the highlights from the evaluations – members all have a copy
      • People liked the networking dinner – pizza at hotel
      • People liked the venue but concerns related to internet
      • New format for report outs mostly favorable
      • USDA/FDA ranked top, then fund raise, state EPA dialogue
      • Last page lists topics for bi-monthly meeting
    • What were the actionable items based on evaluation?
      • Concern related to four-tier valuation session
      • How does gulf hypoxia relate to our programs?

Spring 2015 Roundtable – Rick and Jean reported out

  • March 31- April 2
  • Registration open – Deadline March 27th
    • some scholarships are available, talk with Jean
    • Transportation options and GHGs will be included in the registration letters
  • Day 1 is craft brewery P2
    • Day 2 traditional RT day with table topics
    • Day 3 three different tracks

Confirm dates of future Bi-monthly P2 Calls – Jeff and all

  • If held as tradition of the second Friday of even months, the dates would be:
  • February 13, April 10, June 12,  August 14, October 9, December 11
  • November 18 and 19th for Fall Roundtable – Executive board will secure a location
  • Nancy will send out Outlook calendar appointments

Confirm Topics for future Bi-monthly P2 Calls – Jeff and all

From the Evaluation Summary the following call topics were provided

  • Topic 1
  1. Spring Roundtable in St. Louis
  2. Greening higher ed campuses – the need for consistent measures and the opportunity to bring in existing tools and best practices
  3. E3 initiatives
  4. Get ready for the Spring Roundtable
  5. Four-tier valuation
  • Topic 2
  1. Funding
  2. Mitigating regional contributions to Gulf Hypoxia.
  3. Work on data quality
  4. Food processing case studies – where is the P2?
  • Topic 3
  1. Refreshing the approach to promote P2. What is the (appropriate) baseline measure, and how has what we’ve been doing worked?
  2. Work on data quality

Discussion and suggestions for next or future bi-monthly

  • Food processing case studies – April
  • Gulf hypoxia – June
  • Greenhouse gases – immediate need for understanding how to work in proposals? Calculators are all available online along with archived webinars. Would trying to set up a discussion with the utilities that offer e2 programs
  • Tier valuation

Open agenda: Questions or concerns? – all

  • First EPA RFP (P2 or SRA) will likely open in early March for 45-60 days

Region 7 Priorities – not covered