June 12, 2015


10am     Introductions

Jeff Fiagle and Jennifer Reutzel-Vaughan, IDNR P2 Services; Jennifer Trent, IWRC; Rick Yoder and Jean Waters, P2Ric; Cay Ewoldt and Ryan Green, NDEQ; Larey Sadiq and Nancy Larson, KSU PPI; Steve Devlin, UM; Marcus Rivas, EPA, R7; Daniel Teitelbaum, EPA HQ TRI program

10:05     TRI (Toxics Release Inventory) Pollution Prevention Tool.

Presenter: Daniel Teitelbaum

Daniel went through several uses of the P2 TRI data. A request was made to EPA to link the state TAPs on their site. There is currently a place on the TRI form that allows companies to report where their ideas for P2 came from. TRI P2 PDF

10:50     Fall Roundtable Discussion

  • Dates: November 18 & 19, 2015
  • Meeting Location: Region 7 Offices
  • Search for Lodging:
    • Jean Waters
    • Jennifer Trent


Proposed Topics for Fall 2015 Roundtable

Topics from Fall 2014 Roundtable Evaluation

Topic 1
Greening higher Ed Campus
E3 Initiatives – IA, NE
Four-tier Evaluation

Topic 2

Mitigating regional contributions to Gulf Hypoxia – June Bi-monthly call
Work of Data Quality

Topic 3

Refreshing the approach to P2. What is the appropriate Baseline measure and how has what we’ve been doing worked?
Work on data quality

Roundtable Survey Feb/March 2015

Breweries/Wineries waste – IA,KS, MO
Outcome data in region 7
New national and international approaches to reducing food waste.
Ozone non-attainment, region 7 implications – IA,KS, MO
Zero waste certification

Other Topics:

K-State & UNL reassessment. Why companies implemented, or chose not to implement intern recommendations

Additional topics discussed during meeting

State EPA dialog
State report outs
Data quality mentioned three times
NACAA 300 page report, menu of ways that states can comply with clean power plan, appears to be a fit for P2 TAPS
TRI tool more in-depth training, hands on training. Iowa, Missouri, Kansas
What are the limitation with any data set? These questions need to be asked
Marcus recommends dive into one topic
Update on new regulations – water and air – would want EPA, Nebraska x2