October 2, 2015 Exec Board Meeting

R7 P2 RT executive board call meeting to review the fall RT survey results and plan bi-monthly meetings

Oct. 2, 2015 – Jeff, Rick, and Nancy

Next bi-monthly call meeting

  • Reminder and agenda already sent to membership
  • Both Rick and Nancy will be on vacation that day
  • By-laws – include a link to by-laws with the next meeting reminder
  • Change voting
  • Change meeting locations
  • Term administrative coordinator needs to be reviewed
  • Establish process
  • Call to action for the next executive committee

Nominations – we have received three for chair, two of which said they would run for chair/vice chair. Executive Board decided to have all run with Chair, allowing the new chair and existing board to work together to fill the other positions.

Elections – Nancy will draft e-mail with nominations and include link for collecting votes via survey monkey. It will be emphasized that each member organization will only have one vote and they must list their organization to validate the vote. Jeff and Rick will review the e-mail and survey before Nancy sends it out.

Voting will close at 5pm Oct. 15.

Missouri Botanical Gardens has been participating in the RT but their official membership is pending their letter