Sept. 14, 2015 Exec. Board Meeting

R7 P2 RT executive board call meeting to review the fall RT survey results and plan bi-monthly meetings

Sept. 14, 2015 – Jeff, Rick, and Nancy

  • Process for Election of Officers – Nominees will submit on paragraph on why interested, this will appear on ballot.
    • Timeline – Jeff will send position descriptions (see updated versions below) and nomination requests out this week; nominations will close Oct. 2 at noon; Executive Committee to meet Oct 2 at 2:30 to plan voting process if needed.
  • Touch base on agenda for the Roundtable Meeting – Rick will follow-up with Jean and ask her to add the NATA data to the TRI section. The Octobers on meeting will focus on report outs from subcommittees planning speakers for Roundtable.
  • Other –
    • Rick will ask other regions for their voting process and copy of Bylaws.
    • Nancy volunteered to take first run at Bylaw edits.
    • Nancy will send out meeting notes and invite for meeting Oct. 2

Chair. The Chair of the Roundtable shall preside at all meetings, develop (or cause to be developed) agendas for those meetings. Appoint members to committees, and establish and appoint members to work groups as needed. See that pending resolutions are addressed and communicated to the members. Provide regular reports to the Roundtable membership. Serves on the Executive Committee and is responsible for signing any formal documents for the Roundtable.

Vice Chair. The Vice Chair of the Roundtable shall fulfill any or all of the responsibilities of the Chair. Serves on the Executive Committee.

Secretary. The Secretary of the Roundtable shall keep (or cause to be kept) the organization’s records; keep (or cause to be kept) the minutes of all meetings; give (or cause to be given) all notices of the meetings, correspondence, committee minutes and papers relating to the business of the Roundtable. Serves on the Executive Committee.

Any officer, in addition to powers conferred by the bylaws, will have such additional powers and perform such additional duties as agreed upon by the members of the Executive Committee.