R7P2RT 2001 Meeting Agenda


11 am-Noon    Registration and Check In

Noon    Lunch

1:15 pm    Welcome—Ron Hammerschmidt, PhD, Director, KDHE Division of Environment

Introductions—Tony Randall, PhD

1:30 pm    Montezuma Wind Farm Project (invited)

3 pm    Break

3:15 pm    How to Construct a Grant, Recent Changes

Sabir Whitt, EPA Region VII

4:15 pm    EPA’s Ag Initiative—Chet McClaughlin

EPA Programs Overview—Chet McClaughlin

6:30 pm    Dinner and Networking


8 am    Breakfast

9 am    Innovative Projects—

Would each state (or in some cases program) focus on ONE innovative project, program or activity and spend about 15 minutes in discussion? This should be technical in focus. For example: Several years ago, UNI provided a quick overview of the “STAR” program, and as a result of their presentation, we brought STAR to two vo-tech schools in Kansas. If you have anything that could be shared—a manual, development of a curriculum, process, etc. that would be great!

State Priorities and Initiatives—Following the discussion of innovative projects, several RT members asked that we spend some time discussing state priorities and initiatives. Be prepared to TALK during this discussion session.

11 am    Business Meeting—Tony Randall

Election of Officers

Set Date for Training Opportunity

Noon    Lunch

1 pm    Optional

Chet McClaughlin has offered to demonstrate a new energy program for reducing home energy usage. Bring your bills from the last YEAR if you would like to find out how to cut your consumption and reduce your bills.

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