2004 Fall

October 18-19, Kansas City, KS

List of Attendees

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DAY ONE, October 18

10:00 AM      EPA Grant Requirements – Sabre Germano

10:15 AM       EPA Grant Opportunities

319 Funds –
Regional Administrator’s Discretionary Funds –
Environmental Education –
Resource Conservation Challenge –
P2 Grants –

12:00 PM       Lunch – EPA Cafeteria

1:00 PM         Program Report-outs

by Region 7 P2 Technical Assistance Providers and SBAP representatives

2:00 PM        Enviromental Justice Update

2:15 PM         Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Update

2:30 PM        Break

3:00 PM       EPA Report-outs

Enforcement Priorities – Carol LeValley
Compliance Update – EPA Regulatory Staff

3:30 PM       Storm Water P2 Plan Program – Sue Schauls, IWRC

3:45 PM       Region 7 Measurement Workgroup

4:30 PM       Adjourn; Dinner at a time and place to be determined

DAY TWO, October 19

8:00 AM      Marketing 101 – Karen Hudson from Missouri Department of Conservation

  • outline for a marketing plan
  • identifying products and services
  • analysis of marketing opportunities
  • selection of target markets
  • customer needs and wants
  • define & development of the marketing mix
  • marketing strategy
  • emerging dimensions in marketing

10:00 AM    Break

10:15 AM     Marketing Panel Presentations How to Effectively Promote Your Program – Tips for Rasising Awareness

Invited panel: Cam Metcalf, Director of Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center,
Ken Brown,P2 Team Leader of the Minnesota Office of Enviromental Assistance,
Carrie Hakenkamp , Director of WasteCap, Lincoln, Nebraska

11:00 -12:30 PM     Panel Discussion

12:30 PM      Box Lunch

1:30 PM        Marketing exercises/write your program plan – Karen Hudson

Programs will begin to record their ideas for marketing their programs,
using lessons learned throughout the day. Ms.Hudson will provide an interactive
session for us.

3:00 PM       Adjourn

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