2005 Fall



September 12—14

EPA Region 7 Headquarters, 901 N. 5th Street

Kansas City, KS

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Air Act 101 | Final Clean Air Act Powerpoint | Jon Knodel and Michael S. Jay
Kansas City 2005 Ozone & Clean Air Action Plan Update | EPA P2 workshop pdf| James Joerke
EPA Region 7 TRI/RSEI    | RSEIP2 Powerpoint | Leslye Werner
Parts Washer Workshop Update |Methane Farms Powerpoint| Steve Travis
Getting the Most Out of P2ric.org | Getting the Most Powerpoint | Rick Yoder
R7P2 Measurement Update | R7P2Measurement Powerpoint |


R7P2 Interest Groups | htmlR7P2 Interest Groups word document
Program Updates 2005 | htmlProgram Updates word document
R7P2 Projects Summary | html |R7P2 Projects Summary word document

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Fall is in the air………Are you howling over air issues? Does TRI leave you spooked? Then we’re looking for you!!!

The fall meeting will feature presentations on the Clean Air Act as well as how P2 can impact air quality. We’ll also learn about the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) and find out where areas of TRI risk are located in the region. Plus we’ll discuss how we can work together to better affect these issues.

Fall is our favorite time of year with Balloon Fests, the World Series, Football, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Join us for a learning and networking experience as well as a celebration of the fall.




Lunch (brown bag)

1 pm

Air 101: General review of Clean Air Act (CAA) and 1990 CAA Amendments, major/minor/synthetic minor sources, Title V permitting, NESHAPs, NSPS, MACT, criteria pollutants, NSR, PSD, non-attainment areas, construction permits, and more.
— John Knodel, EPA R7

2:45 pm

Break—Balloon Fest

3 pm

Air Planning and Development—EPA R7

3:45 pm

Update on Kansas City Ozone Project
— Steve Travis, PPI; Sherry Davis, PPI; and James Joerke, MARC

5:15 pm

Adjourn for the day

6 pm

World Series Dinner, BBQ

8 am

Air Toxics and Area Sources (a Regulatory View)
— Richard Tripp, EPA R7 Air Toxics Coordinator

9 am

Integration of P2 and Air Toxics Area Source Program
— Gary Bertram (Metal finishing subworkgroup), EPA R7

9:30 am

P2 Info on Air Toxics Area Sources (detail on EPA’s five pilots)
— Andy Bray, NEWMOA

10:30 am

Break—Raking Leaves

10:45 am

Typical P2 Options for All Sources
— Andy Bray, NEWMOA

11:15 am

507 Programs and Air Toxics Area Sources
— Dan Nickey, IWRC

11:45 am


1 pm

Facilitated Air discussion: Potential Opportunities and Collaborations (R7P2 Interest Groups)

1:45 pm

EPA Report-out

3 pm

The Halftime Show (No costume malfunctions)

3:15 pm

Assistance Providers Report-out summary Full Detail
Regional Measures Workgroup Update (Measurement Powerpoint)
H2E Update

5 pm

Adjourn for Day

6 pm

Dinner—Fall Harvest at a Steakhouse

8 am

TRI 101—Gene Nickel, MDNR

9 am

RESCI/TRI-Based Risk Within the Region
— Leslye Werner, EPA R7

10 am

Facilitated Discussion of Opportunities Regarding TRI Risks (R7P2 Interest Groups)

10:30 am


10:45 am

Getting the Most Out of P2RIC
— Rick Yoder, director, P2RIC

11:45 am

Roundtable Business Meeting
· Election of Officers



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