2008 Fall

Does fall have you worn out? Come to the Fall 2008 P2 Roundtable and get energized with the latest information regarding compliance issues and pollution prevention strategies. You also have opportunities to network with other pollution prevention providers in Region 7.

Come and get energized with new ideas!

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Tentative Agenda


8:00 am


8:30 am

State Program Updates

11:00 am

EPA P2 Updates (pdf)



1:00 pm

Orientation – What is a NESHAP: which are out, which are expected and when – EPA R7 speaker

1:30 pm

Questions and answers

1:40 pm

Dry cleaning MACT Subpart M – Gary Bertram, EPA Region 7

1:45 pm

Hospital Sterilizers – Ethylene Oxide; MACT Subpart WWWWW – Nancy Larson, Polution Prevention Institute (PPI) (pdf)

1:50 pm

Questions and answers

2:00 pm

Paint Stripping Operations, Miscellaneous Surface Coating, Autobody Refinishing; MACT Subpart HHHHHH – Barb Johnson, PPI (pdf)

2:45 pm

Questions and answers

2:55 pm

Gasoline Distribution, Gasoline Dispensing Facilities; MACT Subpart CCCCCC – David Carter, PPI (pdf)

3:15 pm

Questions and answers

3:25 pm


3:40 pm

Nine Metal Fabrication and Finishing source categories; MACT Subpart XXXXXX – Dan Nickey, Iowa Waste Reduction Center (pdf)

4:25 pm

Questions and answers

4:35 pm

Update on KC no-idle programs (KC Idle-free and Constructing Clean Air) – Nancy Larson, PPI

4:55 pm

Questions and answers

5:05 pm

End of Day One

6:00 pm

Networking Dinner


8:00 am

Energy Efficiency – Chris Lynch – Pennsylvania Small Business Development Center (pdf)

8:30 am

Technical Resources Panel

  • Heartland Renewable Energy Society – Sharla Riead ,President(Invited)
  • Missouri Industrial Assessment Center – Chatchai Pinthuprapa and/or Jason Fox
  • Chevron Energy Solutions – John O’Herron (pdf)
  • KC MEtro Energy Center – Bob Housh

9:45 am


10:00 am

Energy Efficiency Case Studies – Region 7 P2 Programs

11:20 am

Financial Resources: websites identifying funding sources for implementing energy programs – David Carter, PPI (pdf)

11:50 pm


1:00 pm

Demonstrations of some useful methodologies/tools for energy efficiency

  • Portfolio Manager – Craig Bernstein, Energy Star (Invited)
  • Motor Master and PHAST software – Chatchai Pinthuprapa and/or Jason Fox, MO IAC
  • Missouri Industrial Assessment Center

2:30 pm

Closing discussion on leaping the barriers to implementation and increasing program success – led by Chris Lynch

3:00 am


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