2009 Fall

Thank you to everyone who participated in this Fall’s Roundtable! It was huge success and we hope to see all of you next Spring.

What was covered at this year’s Roundtable:




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2009 Fall

Does fall have you worn out? Come to the Fall 2009 P2 Roundtable and get energized with the latest information regarding compliance issues and pollution prevention strategies. You also have opportunities to network with other pollution prevention providers in Region 7.

Come and get energized with new ideas!

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Tuesday, Nov 3; morning break, afternoon break
Wednesday, Nov 4; morning break, afternoon break
Thursday, Nov 5; morning break, afternoon break

We are expecting approximately 25 attendees

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Tentative Agenda

DRAFT Agenda Fall 2009 Pollution Prevention Roundtable; Nov 3-5

Day One

8:00 Overview of P2 National and Regional Priorities

  • EPA and/or R7 P2 representatives

Overlap & Opportunities for P2 with Other Federal Agencies: USDA, DOE, ARRA, SBA

What we want to know with speakers identified:

  • What are the opportunities for P2 in partnership with other agencies? – EPA
  • What partnerships exist with other agencies and P2?  – EPA
  • OPPT’s E3 Program – Jean Waters
  • EPA’s efforts to rebrand P2 internally and externally – EPA
9:00 Summary of P2 Opportunities Due to New Regulatory Targets: Water, EPCRA, RCRA, Air (except new area source)Speakers invited: EPA Region 7 Program reps from Air, Water, EPCRA, RCRA

What P2R7 wants to know:

  • What are regulatory targets for the next year? Can these regulations be used to provide P2 opportunities to our program clients?
  • What are the goals and the beans counted?
  • Interns Program in the region – what opportunities do our intern programs have to assist targeted industries and match withP2 interns?
  • How would they see the P2 assessment programs/P2 Intern programs assisting?
  • How are the media programs incorporating P2 or using P2 to achieve environmental outcomes?
11:00 P2 Opportunities within New CAA Area Source Rules New targets, pollutant source, place in industry where P2 can assist, examples of who is doing it – presented by Dan Nickey and Barb Johnson
12:00 Lunch
1:30 Water as an Emerging Issue, the Role for P2Multiple topics: foot print, water use and conservation, gray water, P2 impact, new targets, pollutant source, place in industry where P2 can assist, examples of who is doing it.  Reports from two regional programs:

    • CWA 319 Program
    • Water Sense Program

Day Two

8:00 Environmental Public Health Tracking (EPHT) SystemRoger Gibson Missouri DHSS, possible CDC @ R7 representative
9:00 P2 Measures and P2 Results Database – Jean Waters
7 minutes each program; slides on the four bullets
State report outs

  • activities completed or underway
  • how these activities meet P2 goals
  • evaluation (how do you measure their success)
  • marketing (how do you market the success/outcomes and to whom?

EPA report outs

    Ruben McCullers – wastewater facilities and EMS
    Craig B – Energy Star
    Jennifer Dewani and/or Steve Fishman – RCC and other Solid Waste
12:00 Lunch – State P2 intern programs/ Open networking
2:20 Strategy Session: identify regional priorities and gaps

  • How do our current and planned activities relate to Regional priorities
  • What gaps need to be – could be addressed?
  • What partners could we engage?
  • What funding could we pursue?
  • How will we evaluate success?
  • How will we market success?
5:00 PM End of Day Two

Day Three

8:00 Regional P2 Strategy Session (continued)
Noon Lunch
1:00 Web 2.0 – What’s coming, what it means, how you can use it

    P2RIC & EPA Region 7’s Web 2.0 person
3:00 PM End of Day Three