2011 Summer

Summer Roundtable 2011 Agenda
– Status report from each of the 5 Action Plan Committees by their chairs (or their designee) in the following order:
-PN Partnering and Networking Committee (outreach) – Rick Yoder Partnering and Network Committee Report out
-M Marketing/Communications/Sustainability Connection Committee – Jean Waters and/or Ryan Hamel here
-SP New Services/Products Committee (external to meet need target) – Jeff Fiagle available here
-S Systemize P2 Committee – Marcus Rivas and Jennifer Reutzel  Systemize P2
-IQ Improve Quality of Programs Committee (internal) – Marie Steinwachs and/or Stacey Hawkey, IQ Roundtable Improving Quality Committee
– Status of the Webinars for the 20th Anniversary of P2
– Other