2016 Fall


2016 Fall Region 7 Pollution Prevention Roundtable November 16-17

P2 Roundtable Agenda

Slides are available below for Program Report Outs, training, and presentations.

Program Updates:

The following resources provide Region 7 program updates for the current year and for the future.

UNL Report Out

P2 Services Report Out

KSU PPI Report Out

P2RIC Report Out

KDHE Report Out

EPA Region 7 Report Out

Implementation of Intern Recommendations:

A review of findings of business implementation of P3 and PPI Intern recommendations.

Implementation of Intern Recommendations

P2 in the EPA National Program: Manager Guidance

Helps set goals, strategic approaches, priorities, and performance measures for each NPM Guidance. It further explains what NPM Guidance is and how it is used.

P2 in the EPA NPM Guidance

P2 Portion of the FY 16-17 OCSPP NPM Guidance

TRI Data Visualization for Food Processing

The discuss of P2 food manufacturing national emphasis area.  The purpose of it is to implement P2 projects to support sustainable food manufacturing.

TRI Data Visualization for Food Processing


How to improve promotion of P2 to clients to improve understanding and implementation.

Promotion of P2

Is it Time to Re-Brand P2?

P2 Grants-Plus Database

To help make EPA’s P2 grant and staff projects and case-level results more transparent to the P2 Program.

P2 Grants Plus Presentation

The Message Box Tool:

A P2 tool, message box, that helps organize thoughts, recognize audience, issues, benefits, problems, and solutions.

The Message Box Tool

Successful Innovation Adoption

Examples of innovations that reduce GHG emissions and have been implemented by businesses. A focus on technical aspects of innovation and key characteristics of the businesses that have adopted them.

Successful Innovation Adoption

Sustainability in the KC Metro Area

The vision, goals, and results for sustainability within the KC Metro Area.

Sustainability in the KC Metro Area

Climate Resilience Strategy

Fall 2016 R7P2 Roundtable Post-Meeting Survey Final Report