2017 Fall

2017 Fall Region 7 Pollution Prevention Roundtable November 15-16

R7RT Agenda/Presentations

R7RT Meeting Minutes

Slides are available below for Program Report Outs, training, and presentations.


Program Updates:

The following resources provide Region 7 program updates for the current year and for the future.

EPA Region 7 Report Out

IDNR Report Out

IWRC Report Out

Kansas Energy Program Report Out

KSU PPI Report Out

KSU PPI Food Recovery Projects

P2RIC Report Out

UNL Report Out


How Do We Tell the Untold Story?:

Although we provide financial and economic results anecdotal information can be more compelling. How do we report these results? Is there a systematic way to use this information? What does EPA want, how will they use it?

How Do We Tell The Untold Story?

Food Recovery Efforts Within Region 7:

Report on the Midwest Food Recovery Summit and status of food recovery in the region and examples of projects undertaken.

Food Waste Reduction Initiatives

EPA’s Sustainable Materials Management Program 

What is the Sustainable Materials Management Program? How is Life Cycle Assessment being used? Examples of its successes.

Sustainable Materials Management

Advisory Board Meeting

Meeting minutes from the Advisory Board meeting.

Advisory Board Meeting Minutes


Survey Results for R7RT