Sustainable Agriculture Research from the Leopold Center

The Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture recently released its Winter Newsletter.  P2RIC is a happy subscriber of this newsletter; we enjoy their updates on projects and activities relating to sustainable farming practices, as well as insightful editorials on sustainabilty and resilience.  The Leopold Center-supported research has led to several scientific publications and case studies that provide valuable information on sustainable farm operations.  Videos of research being conducted on mob grazing and grazing on native grasslands are some examples published in the…

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Nutrient Management Standards Revised to Reduce Overall Use

The USDA recently revised their national nutrient standards to reduce the application of nutrients through the use of new technologies and strategies.  State NRCS centers and local nutrient management specialists are working together to develop state specific nutrient management policies to meet the new national standards.  Tools and resources related to nutrient management are provided by the NRCS Nutrient and Pest Management Division. The new strategies focus on reducing fertilizer use through technological advancements and local, site-specific information.  Recent technology advancements allow…

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