Fight Waste Google Calendar: Now on P2RIC’s Facebook

P2RIC just posted the Fight Waste Google Calendar to our Facebook page.  We are happy to now provide the Fight Waste Calendar to anyone visiting our page.  We hope that this will increase the awareness of environmentally significant events and will be valued by our visitors.  Remember, we are constantly adding new dates to this growing calendar and we encourage comments on what events would be important to add.  Take a look at the Calendar and help us spread the word!

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Squirrel Appreciation Day

The National Wildlife Federation celebrated National Squirrel Appreciation Day on Saturday, January 21st.  The NWF website listed several reasons to appreciate these creatures including their early evolutionary response to climate change, great ability to adapt to a human dominated environment, and an uncanny skill of remembering the thousands of locations where they bury food.  This celebration brings a small yet relevant discussion to the table.  How important is it to remember and celebrate these seemingly trivial holidays?  Are they helpful reminders of the importance of…

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